The hospital call system is designed for hospitals to call the medical personnel from the bed of every patient .With the help of the system every hospital can improve the quality of service of the patients and facilitate the medical personnel with their work.
The system includes:
1. Control panel in the doctor on duty room. It has light indication for every bed that shows its condition.
2. Supply device with battery. It secures 24-hour normal operation of the system in case of electricity blackout.
3. One bed set with button and light indication at every bed. It is used to call the doctor on duty, a nurse or janitor.
4. Signaling lamps above every room door. It indicates the room where a button is pushed at a patient's bed.

How it works
The system is activated when a button is pressed at a patient's bed. After that:
- The light indication of his button-bed turns on. This way it shows that the call is activated
- A lamp in the corridor above the room door turns on. This way it shows there is a call from this room
- On the control panel in the doctor on duty room an indication turns on showing the corresponding bed and room. Along with that there is a sound signal. The sound and light signals can be deactivated in several preferred ways.
- From the control panel
- From the corresponding room, where the call is activated
- From the button activated the call
In case, there are several buttons activated at the same time, the system will operate for each bed according the way described above
The sound signalization stops after the last call request is accepted. There are night and day operation modes of the system. The sound signal in the night mode is lower.


Functional characteristics of the hospital call system
- Number of rooms and beds in them according the hospital
- Activation of the systems with a button next to the bed of the patient
- Light indication at the bed of the patient that shows the request is received in the duty room
- Sound and light indication in the duty room for received call from corresponding bed and room
- Second sound indication in the corridor
- Parallel indication in front of the room
- The call can be deactivates from the duty room, from the room,where it is activated or from the button, which activated it
- Spare supply device with 12 V batteries.

- MBAL, Nikopol , 2 wards;
- Military Medical Academy , Pleven , 4 wards
- Home for eldely, Svishtov