When you contact Radema Petyo Dinkov Co. you will be satisfied with our first class service. We will send one of our specialists to visit your site. We will make an inquiry and prepare a detailed specification for you.

Research and Design
Every one of our file alarm systems must be individually designed, so that it is really effective for your site. We take into account the premises where the system will be installed, so that it will be effective and comfortable to be managed.

Our specialists are trained on a regular basis, so that we are sure that Radema Petyo Dinkov Co. is among the leading companies in the branch.

Types of Systems
Radema Petyo Dinkov Co. offers addressable and conventional fire alarm systems. We researcc, design, install and service fire alarm systems for business buildings, warehouses, hotels, offices, schools and many other. Service
The technical service of a fire alarm system includes monthly tests and prevention. After that we issue a document that certifies the readiness and the good working order of the system.
Radema Petyo Dinkov Co. maintains the installed systems. We can also maintain and consult you about systems that we did not install. Before taking into account the maintenance of such a site one of our specialists will visit you to check if the system is compatible with the required standards.

Our company installs and mounts systems all over Bulgaria.

- Students Hostels bl .22, Sofia
- DSK Bank branches in Gabrovo, Tryavna, Dryanovo
- Tekstilko Ltd., Cherven Bryag
- Sewing factory, Koinare
- BTC, Cherven Bryag
- RDVR, Lovech
- TDD, Gabrovo
- DRSZ, Gabrovo
- Tryavna Municipality
- Kabelkomers, Sevlievo
- hotel Edinstvo, Kiten
- complex Diva , Chiflik
- hotel Ribaritsa , Ribaritsa
- 10 sites of the State reserve at TD, Veliko Tarnovo
- museum People and Earth, Lovech
- Students hostel and library Medik -1 at the Medical University, Pleven
- Sopharma JSC Vrabevo, Sofia
- TT Tehnologies, Pleven
- hotel Hit, Kiten
- factory Harmonia, Teteven
- factory VOLKSWAGEN, Karnobat
- hotel Grenada, Slanchev Bryag
- hotel Balkan, Slivek, Lovech
- hotel Park Hotel Troyan
- Medical Military Academy, Pleven
- Volvo, Sofia
- hotel Siren & Dolphin, Slanchev Bryag
- Sports School 'Georgi Benkovski', Pleven
- Dental Center 1, Sofia
- Siko S Ltd., Pleven
- Premier PL furniture factory, Pleven /ex Republica/
- Prestige Ltd. factory, Veliko Tarnovo
- 4 star hotel for conference tourism, Tryavna: firealarm, Videosurveillance, ATC, Cable TV, Sound and alarm systems, Bath SOS, Access Control
- Regional Court, Levski
- Rosi Ltd, Veliko Tarnovo
- Karabulev Ltd., Pleven
- Meks - Orlin Aleksiev, Targovishte
- ACF Energy, Sofia
- Tourism Professional Hogh-School, Pleven
- Transport Professional High-School, Pleven
- Aleko Konstantinov High School, Lukovit
- Lukovit Municipality, Lukovit
- Esgraon, Pleven
- - , Pleven
- Nina Ltd., Pleven
- City Library and Art Gallery, Svishtov
- First Bulgarian Library Elenka & Kiril D.Avramovi, Svishtov